After a long wait, Assam Govt has published the 1st Drat NRC list on the very eve of this new year. It was published at the mid-night of 31 st Dec 2017. It was processed step by step by the Govt of Assam. The first step was

Legacy Data Publication. 

Legacy Data

The publication of Legacy Data was started in the month of February 2015. It was published on the official site of NRC which is . In that very website, you can find the Legacy data of the people of Assam. To find any ones Legacy data one have land on this site and click Legacy Data Search. There is also an alternative link to find legacy data. The next step was Door to Door Distribution of Application form.

Door to Door Distribution of Application Form

In May 2015 door to door distribution of Application Form was started. Each and every household received their application form without any effort, Which made the reception of Application form so easily. The next step was Submission of Application Form Via Online and Reception of Application form(Offline).

Online and Offline Submission of NRC Application form

Individuals were able to submit their application form online if they wished to. That means people with internet facility was able to avoid queues in the submission centers. On the other hand, there was an offline process of submission of NRC Application from. In this choice, people have to fill the application form and provide all the supporting documents and submit it to the nearest reception center. After submitting NRC Application form ( Online or Offline) each household was provided an ARN (Application Receipt Number). The next step was Verification Process.

Verification Process

The main process which took the large time throughout the NRC Publication process was the Verification Process. In this process, each and every individual were neatly verified by the officials and for those people who have submitted their NRC Application Form incompletely was offered a 2nd chance to provide

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