Nios Deled Assignment 504 505 : English Download in PDF

Nios Deled Assignment 504 505 : If you are an untrained in-service teacher and searching for the 504 and 505 assignments in English then you are in right place. If you have completed the previous assignments, 501 502 and 503 then you have to prepare the  504 and 505 assignment.

Nios Deled Assignment 504 505

Nios Deled Assignment 504 505 :

Before you download the assignments you have to know the Assignment Writing Policies. You may check our previous post ” How to write an Assignment for NIOS Deled

Assignment 504 : Learning Mathematics at Elementary Level

This very assignment consists of three parts, Block 1,  Block 2 and Block 3. In these block, you can learn the mathematics of Elementary Level.

  • Block 1: Importance of Learning Mathematics at the Elementary Stage of Schooling
  • Block 2: Enriching Contents and Methodology
  • Block 3: Learner Assessment in Mathematics

Click here to download the Assignment 504

Assignment 505 : Learning Environmental Studies at Primary Level

505 Assignments also has 3 different blocks. The main significance of 505 assignment is to provide a detail information on the Environmental Studies. The blocks are as follows.

  • Block 1: Importance of Teaching-Learning of EVS at primary level
  • Block 2: Curriculum and Pedagogy of EVS
  • Block 3: Assessment of learning in EVS

Click here to download the Assignment 504



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