NRC ASSAM DRAFT LIST : – Check Your Name : We are going to provide you information about  Download Final NRC List NRC FINAL LIST ASSAM 2017. We all know that the process of making NRC in Assam is going on. After contributing much effort on this issue, the Draft list of NRC may be published at the very midnight of 31st December 2017. As per the official site, the Publication of DraftNRC is the 5th step. The 4th step is going on which is the Verification Process. If you look at the official page you can see that the 3 steps are already completed. Steps are NRC ASSAM DRAFT LIST :


  1. Publication of legacy data.
  2. Distribution of Application form.
  3. Reception of Application form .

কেণেকই ডাউন লোড কৰিব

Now people are waiting for the 5th step⇒ The Publication of Draft NRC LIST, but it will not in full, only a part of draft nrc. In step 6 the full publication will be held. But no one knows the date. The latter steps are as follows.

More Steps

  • Receipt and disposal of claims and objection
  • Publication of final NRC LIST

That means if your name is not in the draft list and you are from Assam need not worry. You will get a chance to verify your application. You can claim your name in the final list with proper documents. As per my knowledge, some new inclusion in legacy data has occurred. Some names were not found at the time of publication of legacy data but the same name is available now on that very website. So I will recommend everyone who had failed to find their name in Legacy chart, please research once more for the same. Download Final NRC List

Click here to find your name in


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