Port Your Aircel Number to Any Other Network – Full Details

Aircel Number Port : The people of Assam facing a serious problem as the Aircel Service has been stopped in the various region of Assam. Aircel has introduced in Assam at the very first time so many years ago. But now Suddenly it stopped its service. People with Aircel number now in a great trouble. All need to port their number to another network as soon as possible. So I will discuss – How to Port Aircel Number to Any other network?

Aircel Number Port

MNP – Mobile Number Portability Aircel Number Port

Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to keep their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network carrier to another. So you don’t need to change your number. Just change the network carrier. 

How to port from Aircel :

If your cell phone not getting the Aircel network, Just go to the network setting and choose the operator manually, and select the Cellone Network. After that go to the write Massage option and type PORT <space> Your Mobile Number ” and the send it to 1900 Now you have to wait for some time. You will receive a UPC number. After receiving the UPC number go to any retailer and ask for MNP. They will do the rest. 


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