Nios Deled SBA ( School Based Activity) -2018 : How to Complete

Nios Deled SBA School Based Activity : The School Based Activities is a must be done component of the D.El.Ed Course. Apart from the teaching in a classroom, a school teacher is also responsible for a number of scholastic and school management activities. As an efficient and competent teacher, one has to always maintain a comprehensive record of entire learners’ performance pertaining to continuous and comprehensive evaluation, socio-emotional behavior, and other significant information about their aptitude, interests etc. Starting from morning assembly and many others specific activities are regularly conducted in the school. Teachers are expected to develop skills and competencies in you conducive to organizing such activities in actual school settings.

Nios Deled SBA School Based Activity

Currently, in the study centers, the PCP (Personal Contact Programme) is going on. NIOS DElEd school based activities practical work. NIOS mentioned that Undrained teachers doing DElEd have to appear in Practical Activities.

Nios Deled SBA School Based Activity

The whole of activities involves 120 study hours.

  • 511.1 – Case study of a school child 1 Credit(30 study hours)                             30 marks
  • 511.2 – Maintenance of school/class records and registers                  1.5 Credit (45 study hours)  35 marks(7×5)
  • 511.2.1 – Preparation of progress report of the pupils
  • 511.2.2 – Anecdotal Record (based on specific observation)
  • 511.2.3 – Maintenance of Lesson Diary/Notes
  • 511.2.4 – Preparation of schedule and conducting arrangement/substitute class schedule and conducting substitute classes.
  • 511.2.5 – Preparation of record of library, laboratory, and sports activities for pupils


  • 511.3   Contribution to School programmes 1.5 Credit(45 study hours)                                         35 marks(7×5)
  • 511.3.1 – Organizing morning assembly and other assemblies and preparing a report of the process and outcome achieved
  • 511.3.2 – Reporting the process of PTA/MTA/SMC (School Management Committee) meeting and outcome achieved
  • 511.3.3 – Organisation of social festivals in the schools
  • 511.3.4 – Organization of Annual sports or Annual day of the school
  • 511.3.5 – Organisation of Excursion/fields visit

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