Nios Deled Assignment 504 : Direct Downoad in PDF All Language

504 Assignment Answer Finally, we have got all the details regarding the assignment 504 which is offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling, All untrained teachers who are serving in schools now have to complete the assignment 504 and 505. Here in this post, we are going to provide you the downloading link of 504 Assignment Question and its Answer also. By clicking on the link you may download the assignment question and answer in PDF Format.

504 Assignment Answer

504 Assignment Answer

This very assignment consists of three parts, Block 1,  Block 2 and Block 3. In these block, you can learn the mathematics of Elementary Level.

  • Block 1: Importance of Learning Mathematics at the Elementary Stage of Schooling
  • Block 2: Enriching Contents and Methodology
  • Block 3: Learner Assessment in Mathematics

Click Here to download the question for the assignment 504

Click Here to download the Answers to the assignment 504

How to write Assignment for NIOS

Everybody is in a doubt, How to write Assignments? You just follow the steps below and write your assignments. First of all, you have to collect some goods which will be needed at the time of writing the Nios Deled Assignment In any language. These are – Pen, Paper, A stick File, Whitener, A decorated Front Page and a Solved Assignment for Sample.

Pen: There is no definite rule for choosing a pen. It is your desire with which pen you will write the assignment. The color may be blue or black. View Sample ⇐ Click Here

Paper: You can use plain white or ruled paper in A4 size. It is very easy to find the papers. Just step into a stationary shop and aks for A4 sheets. These papers are almost available everywhere in India. The cost is approximately Rs: 200/- per 500 sheets.      View Sample ⇐ Click Here

Stick file: Every one is familiar with stick files. It cost just Rs:10/- per file. If you haven’t seen a stick file just View Sample ⇐ Click Here

Whitener: No one is perfect. So mistakes are very common. But Don’t overwrite these in assignments. Instead, use a whitener.  View Sample ⇐ Click Here

Front Page: It is necessary to attract the attention of Scrutinizer at the very first look. So I recommend designing a front page for each assignment. If you can do it yourself, that’s great but if no then go to any computer shop and ask for the same. It will cost nearly Rs.20-30/- each.  View Sample ⇐ Click Here

Solved Assignment: Now the final task is to collect a sample of solved assignment. It will help you throughout the writing process. But you are advised to just take knowledge from it, don’t copy the sample Nios Deled Assignment as it is. So many people will download the same and the is no doubt that some will copy it as it is. So be unique. Write your own.  View Sample ⇐ Click Here

504 Assignment Answer Cover Page

For Assignment 1 Cover / Front Page Click here to Download

For Assignment 2 Cover / Front Page Click here to Download

For Assignment 3 Cover / Front Page Click here to Download

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