Nrc Assam Legacy Data Search – Voter list of Assam 1951 – Download

Nrc Assam Legacy Data Search – Legacy data is one of the important data regarding the verification process of NRC. On the official site of NRC (, it was available. But now this service has been discontinued. So if you want to download the LEGACY DATA, then you have to wait until the service resumes.

Nrc Assam Legacy Data Search

Nrc Assam Legacy Data Search

Currently Unavailable

To download your legacy data you have to land on the official site of NRC Assam. ( In that very website, you will find two links providing the provision of downloading the Legacy Data. One is the Direct link and the other is the Alternative one. If one breaks the other works. So try the both one.

Important Site links ⇒

How to Search your name in NRC Assam Legacy Data?

There are mainly four options to find out your name in the legacy data list. All these options are mentioned below. Just follow the steps and download your legacy data.

Village Name wise –

If you don’t know the name exactly you can use this option. In this very option, you have to mention the village name and the district also. After submitting the village and district name just press the search button. The whole voter list will appear for the selected village. You have to find your own.

Image ID search

If you have already downloaded the legacy data or the voter list related to that legacy data then you must have the IMAGE ID. In this option, you have to provide the IMAGE ID and click search. Your legacy data will be available.

Download Assam Voter list 1951 1966 1971

Voter lists for Assam are being provided at the official website which is but this website only provides the recent voter list only. If you want to download the earlier voter list then you must have to visit the election office near you. In that very office, all the voter list is available. For this earlier voter list, all searches in GOOGLE but the real fact is that no website provides Assam Voter list 1951 1966 1971


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