Nios Deled Lesson Plan – 2018 : Download in PDF

NIOS DELED LESSON PLAN DOWNLOAD : Dear readers, hope you are going fine in the two years diploma course which is mandatory for all untrained in-service teachers. If you have submitted the assignments and SBA, now you have to prepare a Lesson Plan. In this very post, we are going to discuss the various aspects of A lesson plan.


What is a Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan is that steps or technics which should be implemented by a teacher during the teaching hour in the classroom. To become a teacher one must know how to teach properly. So if you are a teacher and make a lesson plan, it will surely help you and your students in the teaching-learning process. There are some steps which should be followed during making a lesson plan. So let’s discuss the steps one by one.


In the very beginning of introduction assumption of previous knowledge, teachers activities and pupils activities must be included. The introduction should be clear and loud.

General objectives:

General objectives include giving general knowledge and giving knowledge on the specific objectives of the selected lesson.

Teaching Aids 

Teachers should have teaching Aids with them as it will help you to make the students understand the subject matter correctly. We all know that the students of elementary level give much priority to the natural objects rather than the textbooks. Teaching aids are mainly divided into to major parts, General tools, and special tools. Example of these teaching aids are as follows-

General tools: Blackboard, chock pencils, Dastard etc.

Special tools: Books and other related documents.


This is the most important part of a lesson plan. You may say it the heart of the lesson plan. The whole moto of a lesson plan is to presenting any subject matter in a proper way so that the students can acquire the knowledge easily. This section includes teaching points, specific objectives, teachers activities, pupils activities and expected to learn the outcome.


Identification is nothing but the contents of the lesson plan. It has some simple points. These points are listed below

Click Here to See the Points
School Class Number of students Subject Lesson Book Teacher Time


For your help, we are going to provide a sample lesson plan. Just download the lesson plan and make a fresh copy for your own. You can download the lesson plan by clicking here. Thank you




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